Millennium VALIDO EVO

Electric pizzeria oven with 35 cm modular chamber (single and twin deck)

A universal solution!



How can Millennium Valido help you?

  • Performance

    Its power ensures optimum baking performance. Built entirely from stainless-steel, it facilitates product baking and browning.

  • High output

    Perfect for high-output scenarios: up to 96 pizzas/hour (dia. 35 cm) with model 1235L.

  • Highly versatile

    Can be adapted to suit every kind of work method, the oven is available with a bottom-opening door.

  • Bespoke baking

    It is possible to check baking at all times, selecting the parameters to obtain the pizza you desire

  • Value

    The excellent value for money makes it your number one choice if wanting to open a pizzeria or expand your business.

  • Control over power and consumption

    The precise temperature regulation allows you to programme baking, exercising control over power and therefore energy consumption

  • Models

    Available in various sizes with 1 or 2 decks.
    7 models (4 single-deck and 3 twin-deck).

Modern, attentive design creating a high-performance oven. You can bake in the traditional manner on either the refractory baking surface or a sheet. The digital control panel allows separate setting of roof and bedplate heating elements in 20 positions (tuning 5%). A manual control for the vent ensures complete removal of exhaust fumes.

Millannium Valido is available with various control types:

  • Manually-operated digital controls

    The control panel allows separate setting of roof and bedplate heating elements using manual 5-position selector switch (tuning 20%). There are digital controls to set temperature (accuracy 1 °C) and an LED display. Also includes on/off switch and interior light switch.

  • Digital controls (DGPro) 

    Thanks to a user-friendly scroller knob, the digital control panel allows easy selection of all parameters; unlike the electromechanical  version, it provides the following additional functions: 
    - scheduled switch-on 
    - baking timer 
    - cleaning programme 
    - Economy function (optimising power consumption by keeping the set temperature in the baking chamber) 

Performance (mod. 1235L)

20 in one hour 2 pizzas ø 45
96 in one hour 6 pizzas ø 35
12 in one hour 2 trays 60x40

Ideal for:

  • pizzerias

  • take-away pizzerias

  • restaurants with a pizza corner

Millennium Valido