Electric pizza oven

Ideal to bake Neapolitan-style pizzas



New electric high-performing “dome” oven

  • Neapolitan-style Pizzas

    Ideal to bake Neapolitan-style pizzas as well as suitable to bake the most varied kinds of pizzas.

  • Design

    Its classic design makes it perfect to be placed on sight in any kind of restaurant.

  • Temperature

    The high baking temperatures it can reach and the special shape of its baking chamber guarantee extraordinary performances and make it extremely easy to use.

Technical features

• The temperature that can be set is higher than 500°C.
• Tailor-made heating elements (as far as their shape and section are concerned) guarantee an immediate supply every time that extra power is required; the frontal heating elements create an infrared front that allows to bake pizzas placed very close to the oven’s mouth.
• Its octagonally shaped baking chamber and its mouth’s sizes allow to bake differently-sized pizzas at the same time.
• The fume exhaust both inside its chamber and through the front draught cap do not interfere with the baking process.
• Its hemispherical back section makes it easy to place it in a corner, no matter what its orientation is.
• Its bedplate is in tailor-made special porous brick, known as “biscotto”, that heats up quickly and retain s the heat for a long time, enhancing the baking performances and at the same time reducing occasional burns.

• The refractory stone placed in its ceiling and on the sides increases thermal inertia, allowing the oven to store energy and release it when needed.

  • Max Temp. 530°C

Digital controls

• chamber temperature (Max 530°C) setting and display
• setting and display of power percentages for ceiling and bedplate (0-100%)
• activation/deactivation of the frontal heating elements
• chamber lighting
• baking timer
• scheduled auto switch-on
• cleaning programme
• Economy function: it boosts absorbed power, keeping the temperature attained inside the chamber


7 pizzas ø 35 cm

* Values quoted are average and approximate only: output will vary according to type of product used and working methods/conditions.